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Leopard Glamping

The Staff of Leopard Glamping Safari has over 25 years of experience in the field of wildlife, which consists of a qualified doctor, a wildlife department guide, a driver and a chef who are readily available at the glamping site and are dedicated to providing a warm and accommodating service 

to the guests. With the innovative approach of Leopard Glamping Safari, we have marked the beginning of a new chapter in the industry of wildlife tourism in Sri Lanka. We are committed to following the guidelines and regulation of the department of wildlife conservation of Sri Lanka we are responsible for protecting Sri Lanka's exotic wilderness.


A healer, a naturalist ,a father, an avid birdwatcher, and an award-winning wildlife photographer.

Dr.Randombage indulges himself in the unseen corners of rich exotic habitats of Sri Lanka's National parks to experience the magic of the wilderness that soothes his mind, body and soul.


His utter need to make the world experience this adventurous yet holistic practice of connecting with nature which has constantly made him lead a balanced, joyful and contented life, laid the foundation for Leopard glamping Safari.


Dr.Randombage founded Leopard glamping Safari with a group of like-minded, enthusiastic naturalists who are keen to plant seeds of extreme passion for wildlife in people by creating a wonderful glamping and safari experience on this platform. Leopard glamping Safari offers true experiential and luxurious safari and glamping experiences which are in line with the global glamping and safari trends.


Leopard glamping Safari always focuses on exploring the wonders of the habitats of Sri Lankan National Parks with minimal impact on nature's order. We believe in conserving the beautiful and exotic wilderness of Sri Lanka. Therefore, Leopard glamping Safari only offers eco-friendly, holistic yet luxurious experiences for all guests who join hands with Leopard glamping Safari in Sri Lanka.


Dr.Randombage and his team are fully dedicated to the mission of Leopard glamping Safari, in which they seek joining hands with people from all over the world who share the same values and passion for wildlife.

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