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Sri Lanka is one of the 34 biodiversity hotspots identified in the world as it has the highest biodiversity per unit area of land in Asia. The unique and exotic biosphere of Sri Lanka never fails to amaze wildlife enthusiasts all over the world.

Leopard glamping safari offers all the nature lovers who join hands with us to camp and go on safaris inside of Sri Lanka's nature's wonders, a valuable scientific study about indigenous biodiversity in Sri Lanka.

Leopard Glamping is one in a million chance that is not to be missed as our luxurious glamping sites are located inside of the highly reserved National Parks of Sri Lanka. You can be a part of this holistic experience of being one with nature at our camping sites, as the whistling of birds, the trickling sound of streaming channels, and the melody of the stirring of the wind, may fill your soul. Read, write and make art to your heart's content at our serene camping sites.

Leopard glamping provides you with the opportunity to prepare authentic Sri Lankan cuisine along with our team of chefs.

With the help of our professional team of photographers, you may easily be able to have priceless photos of your favourite moments while camping with Leopard glamping. Off-road safari inside Sri Lankan National Parks that we offer may provide you with the rare opportunity to have the closest view of wildlife and experience the real-time change of weather conditions that are unique to a tropical island like Sri Lanka.

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