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All the camping sites are located in Yala, Kumana, Udawalawa and Bundala which are the most prominent National Parks in Sri Lanka, operating under the permission of the Sri Lanka Wildlife Department.

The luxury accommodation is provided at the camping site, which includes insect-proof and waterproof tents, good ventilation, fans and good light.

Finger licking traditional authentic Sri Lankan cuisine along with fresh tropical fruits are being served at the camping site.


Every Leopard glamping Safari package consists of a full board service, entrance fee, camp site booking and two safaris into the wild per day.


At Leopard glamping Safari camping sites, we provide mobile washrooms with luxury sanitary facilities.


24 hours Security and safety are confirmed by the experienced staff along with government Wildlife Department Tracker at every camping site.


Basic healthcare facilities are provided by a qualified and experienced medical officer from the Leopard glamping team.


The English speaking Leopard glamping crew is easy to communicate with, friendly and ready at your service.


During the stay at the camping site, hot water, Wi-fi, air conditioning facilities are not provided as we are located in Sri Lanka's Wildlife conservation zone.

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